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what microphone to use for voice controle

  • Hi there,

    My MM2 is comming together nicely. Got most of my modules installed and working.
    Have my Revit drawings almost complete to start making the frame.
    Only thing is sorting out the Swipe module to use with the pages module.
    And I’m interested in Mykle1’s “Lucy” module.
    A voice controle module.
    Fot that I’m looking for a microphone but can I just hookup any microphone to my Pi 3B+ and have it working right out of the box?
    Must I use a usb microphone ore connect it to the GPIO pins?

    Need some help on this.

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    As I told you, this question has been discussed on the forum. From what I remember (without searching) is that a microphone array is the best for accuracy, including at a distance. Generally speaking, USB microphones don’t perform very well because of latency. However, some work better than others. I think the Playstation Eye was reported as having favorable results. This is what I remember for Pi related use.

    Now, if you are using a board (other than the Pi) that uses a 3.5mm audio jack, or an integrated microphone as in the case of laptop boards, USB is not your only option. I’ve had great success with both. Even a cheap, $7 dollar microphone with a 3.5mm performs admirably. Response time is fantastic. Will it work as well as a microphone array? Not from a distance, but in close proximity (within 50 inches) and in a quiet environment, it works amazingly well for MMM-voice/Hello-Lucy.

    There is a list of cam/microphones online that lists those that work out of the box with the Pi. Google should be able to find that for you easily enough.

    For the record, Hello-Lucy is not a module, per se. It’s an enhancement to MMM-voice which it requires.

  • HI @mykle1,
    ope your dinner was great and I didn’t spoil it. 😇

    I did a search for “microphone” here and found alot of posts. I found a very long one that I’m going to read completely tonight at home ( but after a quick browse through the post I think for now I’m going for a PS3 Eye. For now I just need a cheap plug-and-play device for short range. I want my mirror to react only when I’m standing in front of it. Not when I’m sitting in my livingroom watching tv. So I don’t mind that it it only good for about a meter away. For that money… it’s perfect. And it comes with an webcam I could use for other modules.

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    No one spoils my dinner, ever! 😉

    Glad you’re sorting out your microphone questions. 👍

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