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Jake's Magic Mirror (Done)

  • Hi all,
    Yes, sorry!! as you can see, it still under construction. I will use it on 37~50 inch monitor in my living room.
    I got “one way mirror” for testing today, I don’t really know how to call it eventually.
    In the photo, it looks great, but when I use my eyes to see it, it isn’t like a real mirror, something like “black mirror”?!

    Can anyone suggest me that what mirror or solution can fix this problem? or it can’t be a real mirror for everyday use my wife says…

    Thanks in advance !!!


  • Hi,
    it is very impotant, that the black of your monitor is really dark. If the black is bad, the mirror can not do his job, because every light behind the mirror reduces the mirror effect. For a good result it is also important, that the monitor is bright, but your one looks very bright. I think, that it is very hard to find a perfect mirror. My mirror has also a black touch. Maybe it is normal, because it is no normal mirror.

  • Admin

    Offtopic: It’s so freaking cool to see a Chinese(?) version of my mirror! 🙂

  • @MichMich Yes, it’s Chinese version of your mirror, I like it, thank you very much. 🙂

  • @builer Yes, I tried 2 way mirror and even Window Films(for car), still can’t reach what I need. 😞

  • Project Sponsor

    I think the issue with your “black mirror” is more an issue with lighting in front of the mirror. Turn the monitor off and put the mirror in a bright area. Preferably with strong daylight. I predict the “black mirror” issue will resolve itself.

  • @bhepler thanks for your comment, but I think the problem is not comes from environment.
    I did a comparison table, as you can see, no one can use for vanity as my wife said.

    I may choose #4 for house decoration at end this year. but it is expensive and sensitive parts in Taiwan (you should know, the bad guy use it for “Candid camera” behind glass). And, I don’t know if I use #2 for vanity table my wife will accept…

  • Module Developer

    @bhepler I’m afraid it’s probably not the issue. I had the same problem when I replaced a mirror on the bathroom. It was just too dark compared to the one it replaced. The lighting where the same…

  • Hi ~
    Time flies, my new house has been started decorating. Just bought 50" TV for wall mount perpetration and double check installation to avoid any problem.
    My Magicmirror will stay in a wide 700mm x height 2350mm chamber with 2 ways mirror in front.

    for safety reason and pi’s hdmi on/off function is not stable, I use a PIR to control TV power directly, the tv will automatically turned on when AC power is in, PIR sets turn on AC 30mins for every trigger.

    what thing will be inside of chamber:
    airport express x4
    stereo amp x4

    pi3 x1
    50" TV x1
    wireless AC controller for LED lamp with a power supply x1

    10bay NAS x1
    GbE HUB x2
    Router x1

    upper and bottom also have two “AC Infinity AIRPLATE T9, Quiet Cooling Fan System with Thermostat Control” to cooling this chamber.

    hope soon enough that I can show my magicmirror to you~

    share with you ~
    0_1491404550018_檔案_000 (1).jpg


  • Hi Friends,
    My new house finally done, thank you all for this cool staff.
    This magicmiorr box includes many devices in there and also has a fish tank inside box.
    MM’s display control by PIR and MM’s GPIO controls door lock to avoid children open it and a led power supply to light up TV wall.

    Due to this system is dynamic shows many things, maybe I can make a clip when I available.



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