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MMM-Trello: Display Description on MM with Markdown Syntax???

  • If anyone would be willing to take a gander at the issue I posted on the developer’s GitHub page:

    GitHub Issue

    I haven’t had a response from Jopyth in over 9 days, perhaps a guru here is willing to provide feedback and/or a suggestion if this is even possible.

  • Moderator

    Well for sure it is possible, but not a trivial thing. You need to add a parser to convert Markdown to HTML.There are several libraries available. Maybe even a function like used here ( is sufficient?
    Unfortunately I don’t have time to work on this, maybe someone else wants to hop in.

  • I wish I had the skill to do it myself. I am struggling to figure out enough coding just to set up my config.js file.

  • Jophyt is the same, who also has the other modules. MMM Remote Controll, Buttons …
    I think he is in stress and has no time at the moment

  • @robiv8

    There is never enough time in a day!!!

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    In all honesty it’s not always a matter of just time. Some modules are written and the author gives them out for free. This is why you can ‘fork’ a module and make the changes you want to it.

    I know personally I don’t sometimes have time and sometimes I just don’t have the desire to change something because one person is asking for it. It’s a lot of work to do after working a full time job everyday 🙂 When these things that are hobbies start to feel like another full time job we sometimes lose interest in them.

    With that being said perhaps he may find some time in the future.

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