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London Bus status

  • Like the London Tube status, it would be great to see the status of the London bus (optional configuration of bus lines /and/or configuration of bus stop timings)

    TFL has great api’s out there if anyone is willing to tackle this. For now I am pulling a webpage into helloworld to view it, but am having refresh issues.

  • I’m attacking that one with my brother, we already have the code running in html perfect but I had to stop to learn how to create a module now. I never did anything like it so its taking some time.

  • @Porkiddo Perfect! Thanks for tackling it! I would love to use it when you are finished! Thanks!

  • Module Developer

    Try this - it’s based on a specific bus stop ATCOCode

  • It look good but it doens’t load. Any idea?

  • Module Developer


    Do you have an account set up at
    Do you have an app_id and app_key set up?
    Do you know the ATCOCode for the bus stop?

    If you use the live api documentation here and put in the info you want to use does it respond without an error?

    Is the info in your config the same as that you’ve used successfully in the live api docs?


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    Just Had a look at the Bus stop module again. When it’s used with certain other modules, it appears to error when trying to render the DOM.

    I managed to get it to fall over when used in conjunction with the commute module. I can see the data is coming in, I can see the params are correct, but an ‘appendChild’ error is being thrown when it tries to draw it on screen.

    I’ll investigate more tomorrow and see if I can figure it out.

    Nope I’m an idiot… the issue was a wrong location in my config “bottom_middle” instead of “bottom_center”


  • HI there! Thanks so much for tackling this. I seem to be a mess and can’t get it to load. There must be some mistake in my config file as I get the error upon loading. I have checked off all the boxes in the troubleshooting - as in I have an app_id, app_key and I know the atcocode - I have verified all against the live api docs and it runs without error. I will try to load my config entry and see if you guys can help me spot what I entered wrong. Thanks in advance!!0_1491816537498_config-file.jpg

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    @soqueen I’d normally copy and paste the code into either my config or into to check it’s validity. But, as you’ve posted a picture not a snippet, I can’t do that, so if I type it, it will not be the same as yours!

    However, first glance you’ve got a ‘//’ on your header row (far left), nothing else stands out as being wrong.

    Try pasting the entire config.js into That will tell you if the file is properly formed and highlight any errors.

    If that comes back ok, try removing everything except the bus stop module and see if it still fails. If it does paste the reduced config and we’ll see what we can do next.

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    @soqueen there is a comma missing after limit: 5

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