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Mirror Film Directly on Monitor?

  • Hi,
    Has anyone used the mirror film directly on a monitor? For some reason my wife didnt like the box I built for my Magic Mirror. Its about 3 1/2 inches thick. I suppose I could take all the components out of the monitor and mount them inside the case to thin it down.
    She suggested just putting the mirror film directly on the monitor screen. Would that work? Is there a reason not to?


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    It should work. I’m not sure if the 1/4" thickness of the mirror glass is the determining factor.

    You can also mount your mirror inside a cutout in the wall to make it closer to flush. I think your woodworking skills are going to be what’s going to make the majority of the difference.

  • @mwmagicmirror well, the film adhesive design is for the back of the glass, so u will be putting the opposite side onto the monitor surface…

    I don’t know if it will adhere as well…

  • I have done some research on that and generally its a nope as the adhesive is designed for glass whilst monitors have various different coatings on them.
    Its prob a no because they can not be sure of what a monitor screen will be but prob better safe than sorry.

  • It did work fine for the monitor I am using, right up to the point where I let the raspberry pi touch the metal portion of the back of the screen and shorted it (the reaspberry pi) out.
    What I did learn is the area has to be clean as an operating room when you are cleaning the screen before you add the film or you for sure will get a crappy result.


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