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Divide Config.js into modules

  • Maybe hopefully this can be done, but I am having a lousy time breaking config.js from time to time.

    Is it possible to have something like includes where you can have separate config.js for each module in its module directory?

  • Very interesting,
    its a good question.

  • Well, there is one problem.

    Once u put the info in each module folder, you will lose the ability to order the modules differently

  • @sdetweil said in Divide Config.js into modules:

    Well, there is one problem.

    Once u put the info in each module folder, you will lose the ability to order the modules differently

    Nope the modules are declared in /config/config.js not that I have much experience but my new noob experience of MM is that with complexity it starts to get a bit cumbersome.

    As an example would you really want to add compliments to your main config.js.
    I am just wondering if it could be split and presented slightly more cleanly and simpler for the likes of me.

    module: "calendar",
    			header: "Calendar",
    			position: "top_left",

    Would still be the same place and it would in essence just be the same but the bloat of

    config: {

    Would be elsewhere.

    Also if it was loaded serially as different objects declared by config.js then each module config could have some form of isolation and error checking?
    Gson gson = new Gson();
    JsonObject jsonObj = gson.fromJson (jsonStr, JsonElement.class).getAsJsonObject();
    jsonObj.add(“criterias”, “Location”);

    Dunno as really know naff about NodeJS but thinking you could even make it more robust with feedback to which module config error?

  • So, you end up with two places to config …

  • Yes and actually multiple places as to which modules you installed as that is the whole point of dividing the config.js into smaller module based configs.
    I am presuming it could also pre-parse and raise errors to which module the error is located.

    Only starts getting relevant with complex setups as the base is extremely simple but rather than linux having a single file in /etc/… the config is divided to make working easier.

  • I also agree with this approach as it will allow us to script configuration/deployment easier. It would be similar to configurations done in other applications ie Nginx. For loadbalancing you just have a folder you can add all endpoints, ports, what have you and the system itself will read everything in there and make a master behind the scenes.

    I’ve tried to do something similar and stitch them together by hand but it seems that if i place any ‘require’ statement in the config.js file MM does not properly load my configs. I can monitor the logs and everything gets parsed and output properly, just when i go to the actual UI it just shows the standard “Please create a config file.” screen. I could not find any logs anywhere that show any additional errors of why this is not wanting to start.

  • @artieikon require is not allowed in module.js, but you could use the getScripts function to load them


    Start mm in developers mode

    npm start dev

    Then select the console tab to see what’s going on in the modules
    Node_helpers display info in the terminal window

  • Module Developer

    I always want Conditional Loading or Lazy Loading. I want programmable Pre-processor for which module should be loaded or not by just mention it.
    And if configuration for each module be separated, PPL would make less mistakes on configuration step and at least, It could be easier to find which configuration wrong.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    I can only agree 1 config file per module in the config folder and you can get rid of a lot of mistake

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