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light animation module...

  • looking for a nice light animation to go to the center of my mirror running at a pi3.All that i have tried are chopy and laggy cause of the pi.Any nice suggestion?

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    @costascontis I managed to do something like this using XScreensaver. None of the 3D or GPU accelerated screensavers will run well on the Pi, but anything that draws 2D line art will work. I set it so the OS was not in charge of starting and stopping the screensaver, but instead wrote a simple module that started the screensaver from the command line after some minutes of inactivity, and a notification from the PIR Sensor module would disable it. Made for some nice moving artwork when the mirror was not in use.

  • i use motion with a PS3 camera, which i also use for google assistant,to turn on and off monitor when no one is around.I just wanted a little something just to fill the center of the display.I just used google photos module and i gained some WAF points 🙂

  • @j-e-f-f can you share a quick guide to how you did this and the simple module you created? this is exactly what I have been looking for. please and thank you

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