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Verse Smartmirror

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    a minute ago i saw a video about an Austrian project called Verse Smartmirror. In this video 2 students from Vienna said
    they have developed it. I got so angry about this cause we all know about MM and i call it a theft of ideas and already developed tools.
    I want all of you to know about this, and i would like to know what u say about???

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    Do you have a link to the video?

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    @Mykle1 search: verse smart mirror on google or youtube

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    U all can check it on this page:

  • there is a lot more than MM provides today.
    there are other smart mirror runtimes. I work on two different ones

  • by the time this will be a finished product it will cost thousands of dollars ,no diy and no customization so thnx but no thanx 🙂

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    It seems so many alternative products commercial class or DIY in the world.
    Frankly said, I’ve been offered to join into one of them, Finally I declined because I have already a nice job, But that chance would be a fantastic experience to someone.

    For myself…
    If Apple (Or Samsung? Lenovo? Xiaomi?) would make one, I will consider purchase one seriously. 😃
    As a hobby, this project is very interesting personally.
    However I always prefer ready-made than hand-made. I’m a so lazy guy. But nobody has made things for me… so I should have been building modules by myself. What the irony.

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    I don’t really know what makes you angry about it?
    MichMich did not invent smart mirrors. He liked the idea and built his own software. As others said, this forum is about the MagicMirror and DIY (do it yourself). I’m sure there are lots of people who don’t want to build it on their own but purchase a full working solution, and that’s fine.
    Verse Smartmirror is not a fraud, they did not steal intellectual properties. And to be honest, their presentation looks very nice.

  • Hey there @tbbear ,
    I am one of the Developers of the VERSE Smartmirror and I feel the need to clarify a few things in this thread.
    First of all - we do not, in any way use the Magic Mirror Software, we don’t use Codeblocks, Modules or even Lines of Code from this Open Source Product. Everything our Prototype executes is written by ourselves, fully developed by my Team and myself.
    We did not come up with the idea of using a semitransparent mirror in front of a display but neither did the creators of the MagicMirror. We as a startup really love the DIY products and the community behind those. We love the idea of building things ourselves but a lot of people never get the chance to do so because one needs technical expertise to use and play with those products. Someday we want to provide a plug and play product that everyone can buy of the shelves without thinking to hard about all the stuff that has to be done to integrate a Smartmirror in their home.
    That’s our dream and we will work hard to make it become reality. In the meantime we are happy that there are lots of builders out there that live the future of the bathroom right now. We love your work.
    Best wishes
    René, CMO of VERSE Smartmirror

  • @yawns Thanks a lot, we appreciate it 🙂

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