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[MMM-GPIO-Notifications] Sends notifications based on GPIO events on multiple pins

  • Module Developer


    This module monitores multiple configurable GPIO pins for state changes; if one of the pins changes to the configured state the notifcations which are specified will be send.
    I wrote this module to send “USER_PRESENCE” notifications based on PIR Sensors.




    I recently added an example on how to connect a HC-SR501 PIR sensor to GPIO4 and send a SCREEN_ON notification to the MMM-Screen-Powersave-Notification module.

    Version 0.0.3

    • it is now possible to send different notifications based on profiles

    Version 0.0.2

    • introduced an delay option which can be used to suppress notifications if they happen to quick after another (PIR-Sensor without option to configure a hold time)

    Version 0.0.1

    • A first version of the module which montiores different GPIO pins and sends notifications based on the events

  • Hi,
    I was thinking of making a phone dialer module through a keypad module which are connected to gpio pins hence i neede some help in that!

  • Module Developer

    Hi, i do not have any experience with keypads. A short research showed me, that the pads work with a polling mechanism. You need to check in a endless loop if two signals on different pins happend. In my opinion this is a bad job for the Pi. A better solution would be to do recognition work on a arduino board and only send the result (key x pressed) via serial interface to the Pi.

  • Module Developer

    I did some work on the module the last days.
    An example how to use an PIR sensor is integrated now. Also a new delay option is included and the possibility to send different notifications for the same pin based on profiles

  • i am following your guide for the pir. i have installed the modules and when i add the gpio notifications module to the config and sudo reboot i get a white screen and site cant be reached error. removing this from the config and everything works as it should.

    normally if there is a issue with the config i will get a message saying this on the display.

    any help would be appreciated. forgive me if ive left anything out.

  • Module Developer

    @kash Hi, I only get the white screen if my config is broken really badly.
    Are you sure you added a “,” after the last module before the Gpio module?

  • fixed that issue. switched from api zero to pi 3 b+ and a fresh install. much quicker now also. may have another teething issue. sometimes the display comes on black screen with backlight then turns of instantly with light at the back of the monitor flashing. manually setting to hdmi one and the monitor keeps switching itself from hdmi 1 to analog around 4-5 times then sticks to hdmi 1 in a off state.

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