[MMM-Screen-Powersave-Notification] A module which (de)activates the screen based on delay and notifications

  • Module Developer


    This module is inspired by https://github.com/mboskamp/MMM-PIR and https://github.com/mboskamp/MMM-PIR but is controlled by notifications;
    Based on “USER_PRESENCE”, “SCREEN_ON”, “SCREEN_OFF” and “SCREEN_TOGGLE” notifications the screen is controlled; By default “vcgencmd” command is used to turn the screen on or off and also to check the current status but it can be changed in the config file;
    After the configured delay (which can be changed during rutime with an “SCREEN_POWERSAVE” notification) the screen will be turned off if no “USER_PRESENCE” notification had been send;
    If needed custom scripts can be run after switching the screen on or off;



    • Scripts can be run after turning the screen on or off (i.e. to (de)activate a microphone)
    • Forced down/up is supported (i.e. to ignore an PIR event)

  • note that some of us (me) have displays that will not turn off at all… also not on PI…

    so my MMM-SleepWake uses module hide/show (and have to remember what was hidden before show to not screw up those page based modules… or modules hidden by voice…)

  • Module Developer

    @sdetweil You are absolutly right. But it is a totally different aproach. Hiding the modules to get the background as dark as possible does not save the same energy as turning off the screen. I am one of the lucky guys that uses a Benq monitor which shuts off in a second after turning off the signal and is back in less than three when turning it on again.
    I think your module is the perfect solution for people who are not that lucky