Finally built my mirror

  • Thanks to all who answered all of my questions.

    I am not a builder, don’t have a bunch of tools so trying to build a frame was going to be a challenge. In all of my research I found a medicine cabinet build at I didn’t buy the monitor he suggested and went with a 24 inch monitor I found on Craigslist. After stripping it down to bare bones, I placed on top of the mirror and of course it was about 1/4 inch too big. Ugh. Gambled and bought a 23 inch monitor and after stripping it down it was perfect] It was marked down to $85 with an open box model.

    Removing the mirror from medicine cabinet was not as easy as described. I had to pry the wood apart on 3 sides and after putting the new mirror in, I used wood glue and large clamps to rebuild.

    I called a bunch of local glass companies and found one who would sell me a 13x26 one way mirror for $75. That was less than the cost of an acrylic one from the vendor many use. Call around for sure. This was my 7th call. Most other places wanted $125 or more.

    I am not hanging it on a wall, but resting on top of my mantle. I added a few eye hooks and 100 pound picture wire. I added a few 100 pound picture frame holders into the wall and put the wire over the hooks to prevent any chance of it tipping over.

    To control the screen I am using an Alexa enabled smart plug. I have an Echo in my living room so I didn’t build Alexa into the mirror. I choose the smart plug for a few reasons. It allowed me to add it to my morning and evening rituals so it turns on and off at certain times. I also added an applet from IFTTT that is based on location. It turns on or off automatically when I leave or enter my subdivision.

    Modules used

    Default Time/calendar
    Default Compliments with a few custom insults

    Here is what it looks like mounted on the mirror. I used tarp straps to keep everything tight.



    Video of it in action

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    Looking good! 👍

  • @Mykle1 Thanks for all of your help. I gave the one I made as a gift away Saturday and everyone at the party freaked out. That kid will be the coolest kid in the dorm.

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    That’s how this all started for me. My son mentioned the Pi. The rest, as they say, is history. 🙂

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    Looks great!