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Calendar issue 2.8.0 - Repeating events

  • Module Developer

    As of 2.8.0 - Google Calendar Items that repeat are displayed a day early. Non-repeating events are correct.

    This is my office calendar so I can’t share details other than that…

  • I’m also having the same issue as we work variable shifts we use the Calendar on MM to know when to go to work

  • Module Developer

    So, I ended up changing to MMM-MyCalendar, because of this.

    The bug appears to be that the “calendar” module is processing repeating events for itself, rather than using the event as I have it, and getting that all wrong.

    For example, I have a monthly meeting (except July) repeated out, with July removed. It shows (on the day before) in July anyway.

  • I too have repeating events from Google Calendar that show up on the standard MM Calendar module one day early. One is to occur every Monday at 6:30-8:30 pm, another Wed same 6:30-8:30pm. MM shows them as Sunday and Tuesday.

    I will try MMM-MyCalendar and see if they show up correctly…

  • Project Sponsor

    I also have an issue with my recurring google calendar events. If the recurring event has a start time between 00:01 and 09:59, then the event shows up in the calendar with that start time plus 24hrs. So an Event on Monday at 07:00 will show up in the calendar on Tuesday at 07:00.
    Also all day events start at 20:30. I wonder if this might be causing the time issues.
    The recurring events show correctly with MMM-MyCalendar.

  • there is a bug in the default calendar for repeating events.
    so far no-one has had the time to investigate and propose a solution

  • @sdetweil
    Something New here?

    Have a similar problem with recurring appointments. However, these are not displayed to me one day earlier, but a day later.

  • @Clubjack sorry, I have not been looking at that problem…

  • @Clubjack and others,

    I noticed this problem too.
    For instance my birthday lasted 2 days ( only got presents once though) and my wedding-day is one day forward (which will upset my wife).
    The entries were made using Google Calendar (so not a calendar app that synchronizes with Google).
    I notice this since 2020, but that does not mean it did not happen before, could have overlooked it.
    When I ran a test with a dummy entry, it worked fine.
    When I toggle a „faulty“ entry from repeating to not repeating and then back to repeating, the entry is shown correct.
    I collected some data and will post it when I sorted it out a bit.

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