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MMM-MotionEye - surveillance video stream on your mirror!

  • Just have a look for the noir camera. Have a look for There is an official cam - I think - by the raspberry company. But any other that support the onboard psi cam plug is imho better than usb cam. But that is your decision.

  • @emos
    I had that same issue. I ended up just creating a few mmm-mogioneye module entries in the config file

  • @Binog

    Did you ever get an answer back on this one? I am having the same problem. I see everything fine without autohide active, but if I activate autohide, I see it for a bit during page load and never again after. I get detected motion emails and photo uploads so the detection isn’t the problem. It just doesn’t get fed to the mirror module somehow. Maybe my Web-hook config is off?

    It would be helpful to know if you fixed your issue and how you did it.

  • Hey, SdeGeata
    No, actually I didn’t

    I circumvented it by setting up a motioneyeos raspberry pi zero. As I needed the larger image on my Magicmirror I used “fast…?” option, which does not provide any of the motion activities,. what was fine to me.
    I do think, this is not merely a problem of motioneye, but of the MM its self.
    With every update of MM the Gap went bigger, I got more problems.
    Now, streaming the motioneyeos to two MMs it is more steady, nonetheless I do habe outages. I don’t see a picture,. although my browser directed to motioneyeos shows an actual one. Restarting MM solves that issue- normally,…
    Good look to You !

  • @Binog

    Thanks for the info. I’ll keep trying stuff out and see what happens.

  • @Cato
    So how do we use that Webhook URL to trigger the hidden module. I have been screwing with it for days trying to get it to work. Can you clarify the config for that?

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