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Secret Modules?

  • Howdy crew,

    So I built out my first mirror which looks great thanks in big part to your support and some amazing module creators. As I’ve been scanning the forum I’m beginning to notice there are many modules that aren’t included on the 3rd party modules page. Is there a secret repository of modules or list of all modules out there?

    There are some truly amazing ones that I’m only just finding through random posts in the forum.

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    @Fr8Trayne said in Secret Modules?:

    Is there a secret repository of modules or list of all modules out there?

    Not that I know of. If the author doesn’t add their module(s) to the 3rd party modules page then there’s not much you can do about it except look through the forum.

    Have you looked through all of these?

  • Funny @Mykle1 you should respond. I just found all the modules you created. There are some really cool ones on there I didn’t see on the 3rd party page. You’ve got some good ones there. I’m amazed at the modules y’all are creating. One day I’ll give it a go.

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    Hmm, I thought I added all the ones I thought were worth offering. Thank you for your kind words. You absolutely should give it a go. I came to this forum with no knowledge of coding, none, zilch. There are some great online resources and there are some fantastic people here that can lend you a hand. It is tremendously rewarding and fun, at least for this old man.

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