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All new for 2020..... MMM-Recipe

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    Thanks @sdetweil and @Mykle1 for your help!

    I wrote this module 3 years ago…this is a complete makeover and all new for 2020!!
    This version comes equipped with either touch or mouse abilities!
    It has an “More Info” button that will popup with the instructions and ingriedants list. If you choose you can click on the picture and a video will popup for you to watch about that recipe!

    Because it’s all been redone it’s much smaller footprint and can be placed in any module position!

    This has been tested and working on both a Pi3 and Pi4…


    No screen shots the website won’t allow image uploads.

    Version 3.3.0


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    Excellent work, sir. As usual. Well thought out and executed. I’ll report that it runs beautifully on a Pi4. Video quality surprised me. Soon I’ll be baking cakes in front of my mirror, watching the video instructions! 🙂

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