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    MagicMirror Module to display a calendar with multiple months

    A mini-calendar with as many months as the user wants, assuming screen space is available.





    Clone this repository in your ~/MagicMirror/modules/ folder ( $ cd ~MagicMirror/modules/ ):

    git clone

    Using the module

    To use this module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

      module: 'MMM-Multimonth',
    	position: 'top_left', // can be any of the postions
    	config: { // Optional - will default to 3 months, with one previous and one next. 
    	  startMonth: -1, // Define when you start from current month (negative is before current, zero is current, positive is in future) 
             monthCount: 3, //  How many months to display 
             highlightWeekend: false // highlightWeekend if desired, set to true. 

    Many thanks to kirash for the inspiration with the monthly_calendar module, sdetweil and lavolp3 for the help in coding and CSS work. Without your help, this would just be a pipe dream.

    This is a basic module, but I felt it was good enough for release to the public.

    Please, if you have any suggestions for improvement, let me know, I’m learning Javascript and CSS as I write this, and I dream of much bigger things.

    Localization is provided by moment.js and controlled by the master language of MagicMirror. Please file any errors with localizations as bugs with the moment.js team -


    0.1 Initial release, English / Sunday first only
    0.2 Change code to improve functionality, allow for some localization - will not move start of week yet, but will change languages with system.
    0.25 Temporary fix to allow module to refresh highlighted day of week - sometime between midnight and 1am, wasn’t doing any refresh at all in new MM configuration, didn’t realize it because I rebooted my system nightly for another tool I no longer use. Will adjust later to join in the midnight madness…
    0.3 Now properly refreshes at midnight.
    0.9 - Start of week now moves per moment.js. Note: at this point, module is almost everything I wanted. If I don’t get any bug reports that I can control, I’m going to bump it up to 1.0 and call it good.
    0.95 - Fixed code for moving start of week, formula was backwards. Suggestion was made to add to module, will be adding soon.
    0.99 - Major rewrite by Volker Wegert (Danke sehr!) - Implements everything I want, and I even understand the wizard level code he wrote.
    1.00 - Minor changes to code/css to standardize look.
    1.10 - Added leading and trailing months when 1 month is selected per user request.
    1.20 - Added weekend highlight
    1.21 - Added ability to change current day highlight for weekends.

  • @BKeyport this is great! Thank you. Is there a way to change the colors?

  • @BKeyport I would like to know as well if the header color can be changed.

  • Module Developer

    yes. It’s all in CSS. Take a look at the CSS file in the directory, and copy over to your custom.css

  • @BKeyport Great MMM, exactly what I was looking for! 😉 Can the first day of the week be changed to monday?

  • Module Developer

    @PH1TCH It’s in the notes I haven’t figured out how to do this yet. Everything I’ve tried has failed due to API issues. I’m cracking on it when I can. My business takes priority, and we’ve been extended out due to this whole virus thing.

  • @BKeyport Okay, thanks for the update!

  • Hello, how can I change the color from grey (days+numbers) from grey to white?

  • Module Developer

    @Werner1340 That’s actually a magicmirror default. I believe it’s getting it from here:

    .normal {
      color: #999;

  • @BKeyport Hm, i found that code in the main.css and changed the color to #fff.
    …still grey color in calendar. ;-). any more Ideas?