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My New Magic Mirror Project.

  • So about a year ago I decided that I was going to take a chance at making a magic mirror. Unfortunately I made all the wrong decisions. For example I got a slab of glass and I placed reflective film on it. Is it just me or is it almost impossible to get that thing on there?. Then this week because I now have a lot of spare time I finally decided to take a go at it again. I picked up the mirror and started sanding it. Since it was pretty rough. Unfortunately in the process I scratched the film. I wasn’t giving up that easily though 🙂 Here is my build. Entirely from scratch.

    I haven’t done any proper customizing on it yet but if anyone here has any suggestions I’d be super interested since you’re all much more advanced at this then me 🙂

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    @TheMysticle Thanks for the entertaining video on how you built your mirror! It looks great! I’m also happy to see here other 3D priniting enthusiasts :-).
    One upgrade I’d suggest is a proximity sensensor, that turns on the screen when you stand in front of it. Either a via Doppler sensor (see my signature) or a PIR sensor. Another upgrade might be a gesture sensor. As you’re into 3D printing and modelling, you’ll easily find a solution to place the sensor.
    BTW, could you please post which microphone you built in? I’m just curious because I’ve tried a few and none was sensitive enough to pick up my voice.

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    Very nice! I thoroughly enjoyed your video. Adding the Google assistant on your first time out is impressive.

    Suggestions. Hrm. I’m personally a fan of MMM-MovieListings. I have also found that reconfiguring the newsreader module to pull from The Onion and similar sites to be worthwhile.

    Since your mirror is directly above your 3D printer, I would suggest you then write a module to display information from OctoPrint. How cool would it be to monitor your progress of your print job from your smart mirror?

    Edited to add: Whoops! Someone else already made it. You may wish to add it to your mirror!

  • @bhepler I was actually just doing that today 🙂 Except when I added it nothing is displayed. I think that octoprint might have changed the way things work and it is no longer compatible 😞 So I think I’m going to have to give up there for now.

  • @Fozi Those are some very good suggestions. Thank you I will definitely try them out! I don’t have a link to that microphone because I bought it so long ago but it’s just one of those generic small raspberry pi mics, and I just boosted the volume on it to the max 🙂

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