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Module: iFrame! Starting Video automatically!

  • @Jopyth @roramirez exact. You are right. This is the Module I am using. But it will only start with a Hardwarebutton. So last night i added an extra menubutton to the Remote-Control, which will send the notification “BUTTON_PRESSED” to all modules (i hope also to the PodcastModule) and then the Video should start.
    That’s the theory. But i ended at the point where the Notification will be send. I also have some trouble with the podcast video download. etc.

    Anyway. I figured out 3 ways to realize the “Remote Start a Video”

    1. use the Podcast-Module
    1. use Iframe
    • and the channel “project ambr” (just search “Tagesschau in 100 sekunden” on youtube), where the latest TS100s will be uploaded every time a new one is released
    • here it’s possible to use autoplay, but i could not find a permanent link to the newest video of this channel
    1. use Iframe
    • and show the whole TS Website
    • there the autoplay is ON by default
    • negative points: you see the whole website around, when switching the iFrame off, while the video plays the sound will not switch off. Only the iFrame disappears. (logic cause it’s a visible switch)

    ALL of them use the Remote to

    1. switch the Iframe / podcast module ON
    2. switch all other modules off
    3. start the video either by notification or automated

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    Have you been able to solve it? Is there anything missing you would need in the Buttons or Remote Control module?

  • Hey @Jopyth,
    yes I made it. It works, but only with one video. At the moment, I am changing the Podcast module to play two videos (with two buttons at the remote page), two or more timed donwloads, but that will take some time. If someone want to use the one Video Version i can send the files, or upload them on github?! I made most of the changes in the Remote-module.

    I am looking for a development enviroment to develop faster than it’s possible with “serveronly”. Any suggestions?
    Ah and one thing, could you tell me how to get these incons for the buttons on the Remote page? A “Play”-icon would be nice.

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