Displaying Remotely on Two Tablets (How to run separate instances?)

  • I am trying to create a MagicMirror using multiple tablets that VNC into a single Pi running multiple instances of MagicMirror. I have copied the main folder, and I am able to VNC into multiple virtual desktops running multiple instances, but it always uses the config.js file from the main MagicMirror folder. How can I have two different configs running at the same time? That way I can have, say, weather on one display and news on another. Is this possible? I am guessing it has something to do with changing the path of the config file it launches with, but I am not sure how to do that.

    Thanks for such an awesome platform!

  • Never mind. Finally figured it out. I was trying to use the DailyXKCD module, and it was somehow failing. But in case anyone was curious, you can do this, and it works out pretty well. Will eventually post the finished project.

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