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my no mirror mirror

  • screen1.jpg

    well I cant afford a mirror, so I tried some of that stick on shite, which ended up in a ball in the bin…

    so i decided on a background pic on monitor, with some nice modules

    I love it, so now i just need to hang it somewhere…
    thanks to all you developers…

    wish I could make a module

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    Love the clock! 👍

  • I like the clock as well. I’m curious about the big weather icon. Is that an option with ‘openweather’ that I missed because I didn’t pay attention?

  • lol mykle…I love the clock too
    as you can see its not the only one of yours
    you are a clever sod, I love all your modules,
    wish i could make even one …

    the weather icon is mmm open map weather

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    @pieguy said in my no mirror mirror:

    wish i could make even one …

    Wishing won’t get it done. However, reading and asking questions goes a long way. I was you (so to speak) 4 years ago. I found this site and all I wanted to do was make a module. I had no prior coding experience at all and learning this stuff at my age was a challenge. Proof that it can be done.

    If you are enthusiastic enough and willing to work at it, you will be able to code some modules. I asked for help in the beginning. I still ask for help. I write the simplest of modules. When I get in past my safety zone I reach out to a few friends here on the forum. Thankfully, they have been kind and generous with their help.

    So, if you have questions, ask! If I can help you, I will. That’s how I pay back the kindness shown to me.


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