Do I need a Rasberry Pi to build a MM2? (I'm new)

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m on a mission to build the cheapest MM2 possible and am afraid of committing high treason with my first user post. My budget is forcing me to go small, and so I’m thinking about using the Kindle Fire as my MM2 platform instead of Rasberry Pi 2 or 3. I’m brand new to this, but it seems to me that the $50 Kindle Fire has the same essential hardware as a Rasberry Pi 2 with a small screen / microphone / wifi / camera /battery etc. I don’t need a touch screen but might have fun playing around with some motion-activated features. Planning on using twowaymirror vanity glass. Thanks!

  • No, every PC, Mac or Linux system witch is compatible which electron node js.


  • You can run MM on just about anything. I run it on Windows/Raspbian and Linux and it works generally pretty good on all 3 🙂

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    @cowboysdude said in Do I need a Rasberry Pi to build a MM2? (I’m new):

    You can run MM on just about anything

    Yup, I’m running on 3 different platforms and all are rock solid. My first mirror is on a Pi3. Then I installed uBuntu on an old laptop and MM runs beautifully on that. Then I installed MM on my PC and another laptop, both running Windows 7, and they have no problem at all. I did try on an old Mac laptop but that machine had issues of its own so I didn’t get to continue the installation.

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    Hello can you tell me please where to look about how to get mm on windows 10? I have this on pi but would like to try on windows.Thank you