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MMM-Sonos - To show what your SONOS is playing.

  • Looks like I am missing settings.json under /home/pi/node-sonos-http-api. I went to magicmirrors IP address:5005/zones and saw the output from my sonos one time , but then on reboot I can no longer get the output to show up by visiting the above specified URL . I think it may be a result of this missing settings.json file.

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    @flopp when I play Apple Music from my Sonos, is no artwork showing, anybody same problem

  • @cohron OK , Im getting somewhere. When I visit after installing sonos-http-api and then doing npm install --production and then npm start. I do see a webpage of output information from my sonos device.

    However, when I run my file after creating it like this

    create another pm2 script named in ~ directory
    cd ~ file contents:
    cd ~/node-sonos-http-api
    DISPLAY=:0 npm start

    pm2 start
    pm2 start mm
    pm2 save

    It does start sonos as noted here

    │ id │ name │ mode │ ↺ │ status │ cpu │ memory │
    │ 0 │ MagicMirror │ fork │ 2 │ stopped │ 0% │ 0b │
    │ 1 │ sonos │ fork │ 212 │ online │ 0% │ 2.4mb │

    Then if I visit the same address ( to see if there is still output . There is not!

    I realize that the Magic Mirror is not started as I stopped it as I just wanted to see if there was still output on

    Sonos is playing when I visit so there should be data being output.

  • I finally solved this. Turned out I left out the tilde (~) in front of the /node-sonos-http-api within the file. So in essence the directory was never switched to execute the npm start command. So even though my PM2 status of running processes showed Sonos as a running process it was not providing the output data so that the module could display it

  • Any way to remove the Source: specifier?

    I tried
    within the config.js to no avail.

  • I added the code to my custom.css file that was entered within one of the first posts and expected it to provide a new layout and look , but nothing changed?

    Its as if the entries in the custom.css are not being recognized.

    Do I need to add .MMM-Sonos right above the entires?

    Update: Tried that and still no effect.

  • Hi @Snille,
    i tried to achieve to display the different zones side by side. Unfortunately I didn’t find a correct box to float. Could you give me a hint ?

    Happy new Year in advance from Berlin

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