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[MMM-Remote-Control] Getting 404 on "get?data=translation"

  • I’ve just pulled an update and now getting the below 😕 checked for errors and its returning a 404 on “get?data=translations” Any thoughts? I’ve removed the directory and pulled a fresh clone but still getting the same.
    alt text

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    @slickric Silly question, but did you npm install and restart? Forgot to mention, that an npm install is necessary when upgrading.

  • No, just git pull. I’ll try that and report back

  • same issue after npm install so decided to update MM as I had not yet done this. That broke the mirror and gave me a bunch of issues with grunt and mini match and a bunch of other stuff that said it was needing to be updated… tackling them all 1 at a time now 🙂

  • So ended up updating npm to resolve the grunt/mini match issues and now all is working in perfect harmony again. No issue at all with remote control in the first place but instead having to update MM and in turn update npm!