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Using MM1 on older Pi's

  • I have a RPi B+, so the new program won’t work for me. Is there a way to install and use the original v1 code?

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    You should be able to clone v1 manually with:

    git clone -b v1.0.0

  • wonderful, I’ll give that a try!! On another note, how exactly do you get v2 to work on a RPi 1? I clone the git, added in the config.js file, and put “node serveronly” into the Magic Mirror directory but no dice. I just have been getting the default “create a config file” screen upon reboot. Just curious as to how this all gets done.

    Thanks so much!!

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    I’m not sure it would even work on a v1 to be perfectly honest with you. But I don’t have one to try. However, if you’ve gotten as far as it telling you to create a config, then something worked … I’m assuming after cloning you ran 'npm install' inside of the MagicMirror folder prior to issuing the 'node serveronly' command?

    Other than that, I don’t know. Maybe ask @MichMich and see if he has any other suggestions.

  • I don’t believe ‘npm’ commands even work on a v1. So I honestly have no idea how I got it to boot onto that screen…I’m guessing pure luck lol. @MichMich do you have any advice on this?

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    Honestly, as developers, there is a point at which we stop supporting older hardware. It’s just not worth the time and effort that goes into maintaining legacy hardware, while everything else evolves at the speed that they do … As much as I personally dislike forcing end users to have to purchase new hardware every time, I do have to make compromises. So support rPi 2 and 3, for me, is plenty. @MichMich and @paviro might have a different take on this. : )

  • That’s pretty fair; I bought this before the 2 even came out and am just using it to make my GF a mirror for our anniversary. I completely agree that yall shouldnt have to deal with accomodating older models

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    There’s nothing wrong with using old hardware, I do it all the time at home. But whenever I do that, I also know I’m pretty much on my own if the software I want to use no longer supports it … it’s a trade off. 🙂

  • Admin

    @KirAsh4 I pretty much have the same opinion.
    However you should still be able to install node and npm on the Pi 1. The create a config file error is probably related to some typo in your configuration file or you did some other mistake setting the the thing up. Seems like you did not install the dependencies by using npm install? This could also be a reason 🙂

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