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    I’ve created a new module called SwissTransport Module which shows next trains departing on your favourit station.
    It’s based on modified basic moduls from magic mirror and an opensource API.

    on git you’ll find it here:

    How can I add many diffrent departingstation? Any suggestions?


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    I’ve modified my script. Check out this one.


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    For troubleshooting or HOWTO questions, please post in the Troubleshooting thread:

  • @Bangee is the first version of this module still around?
    I prefer the old versions style as it looks ‘cleaner’…

    If this version doesn’t exist anymore, is it a load of stuff I would have to change to create that look in the new version? :D

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    @flooo, you can look at the repository’s commit history (, and then checkout a specific revision by using the SHA1: git checkout Note that you may need to use the full sha1 value, not the truncated one.

    For example, the last commit on May 3rd is 146a6ce. If you click on that, it expands that commit and you can see the full sha1 value as 146a6cec2aaa5007255cb157ed415ba180639354 in the upper right. So your checkout command then becomes:

    git checkout 146a6cec2aaa5007255cb157ed415ba180639354

    This is of course done from INSIDE the module’s folder!

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    Oh, I just noticed that his post where he said he change it was also done on May 3rd … so perhaps that original version no longer exists, which sort of defeats the purpose of using git …

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    I think you would like to use this one.

  • cool, thanks a lot

  • Great module. Already added it to my mirror. Is there any chance I could filter the list and display only trains? If I put in my Station (Wädenswil) I get lots of busses and also boats.

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    @kwyjibo089, yes it’s possible:

    change the line function getParams() like this:

    	/* getParams()
    	 * Generates an url with api parameters based on the config.
    	 * return String - URL params.
    	getParams: function() {
    		var params = "?";
                    params += "id=" +;
    		params += "&limit=" + this.config.maximumEntries;
                    params += "&transportations[]=ec_ic&transportations[]=s_sn_r&transportations[]=ir&transportations[]=re_d&transportations[]=ice_tgv_rj";
    		return params;

    The line params += "&transportations[]=ec_ic&transportations[]=s_sn_r..."; is new an should allow you to filter the transportation object.

    Here are all option:
    Transportation means; one or more of ice_tgv_rj, ec_ic, ir, re_d, ship, s_sn_r, bus, cableway, arz_ext, tramway_underground


    It’s not testet yet, but I think it should work for you.

    Have fun,

    Gruss aus Oberrieden :-)

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