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Git branch develop, commited changes do not show up on github

  • Hi all,
    I have to admit that I am an absolute newbie for working with github. However after reading several forums, the online help and trying back and forth I still have not found a solution to my problem and I am really clueless.
    I have released a couple of weeks ago my first basic module for MM on github.
    I wanted to further develop the features of the module, but wanted to do it in a separate branch develop.
    I create this branch via git branchand git checkout. I checked in my modifications to the develop branch with git commit -a.
    A git check status shows:

    On branch develop
    Untracked files:
      (use "git add ..." to include in what will be committed)
    nothing added to commit but untracked files present (use "git add" to track)

    I did not yet exclude the backup directory in gitignore.
    If i call git logI can see:

    commit ce4fca6491a4cd8facb44482ce2f17cbd335e7a4
    Author: xxx
    Date:   Wed Feb 22 20:42:56 2017 +0100
            modified:   MMM-RadioDe.js
    commit db495c121e2dd8f38b1e2f67fd0101f918d11190
    Author: xxx
    Date:   Tue Feb 21 19:07:07 2017 +0100
        - requiresVersion: "2.1.0",
        - option to change playing radio station via notification
        - Added documentation for daily operation in []( Daily operation)
        - Added check for all modules started, before starting radio player
        - Known problems: One user reported that player does not start, potentially fixed by starting player only once all modules started

    My problem: I cannot see these changes online in the web interface of github, trying to see my changes in github it claims no differences between master and develop branch (identical).

    I strongly hope that this is an absolute beginners error, nevertheless I am running out of ideas. Could you help me ?

  • Moderator

    @Steff Seems like you need to push your changes. They are local only unless you use git push to send them to the github server.

  • @Jopyth Thanks so much, you saved my day, I really had forgotten git push, stupid me. Thanks again !!

  • Core Contributors

    I can recomend you 3 things:

    Check the next documentation

    Second one, use this interactive tutorial

    The last, you can work better using a zsh+oh-my-zsh. This enable to see where branch you are and status repository into the shell prompt.