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    I don’t know if anyone else has been experiencing the same weird things that seem to be happening to a couple of my modules.
    In 2 modules, that used to work with no issue, they stopped updating. I checked them and one used setTimeout() while the other used setInterval() to refresh the data. These modules have been working for some time and all of a sudden they stopped. I reset my pi to see if that’d help, no luck. I apt-get update and rpi-update to see if that’d help. Didn’t help my issue. I’m running the latest non-develop build of MM.
    I tried some troubleshooting by using setInterval() with a 5 minute delay.
    I just had one of the faulty modules in my config.js so nothing else would mess with it.
    I had a counter that updated every time the function was supposed to run. It ran the first time, and never again. So I switched to setTimeout() with the same delay and counter. It runs 5-270 times randomly(random to me at least).
    I have a bunch of console.log()'s in my code to see if any part fails. Those never get triggered.

    So in summary, 2 of my 10 or so modules have started acting erratically with their timing events. SetInterval() stopped working for me all together, and setTimeout() stops updating at random times. The other modules I use all update fine with setTimeout().

    If anyone has seen this before and knows how to fix it, I’d be greatly appreciative. Thanks!

    P.S. I see the same freezes using MagicMirror’s built in browser as well as Chrome and Firefox from a separate computer.

  • @mochman I haven’t experienced something like this sorry

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    @mochman That sounds very strange. In which modules is this happening? In the default modules or in some of your own? E.g. does the clock still update every second?

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    @Jopyth 1 is MMM-forecast-io and the other is one I made. Other modules I’ve made still update correctly as well as other default modules.

    If it becomes a pain to keep reloading the mirror, I’ll probably just wipe the drive and start over fresh.

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    @mochman Well, good luck, and let us know if you find anything.

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    I added a “last updated at: XXXX” to the modules and now they both have updated correctly the past few days. Guess it was gremlins.

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