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Web interface for customization?

  • Is there something already out their that allows someone to customize their magic mirror through a web interface (position of modules, rss feeds, etc…)? I’d like for my girlfriend to be able to update/change (essentially editing the config.js) without having to pull up a terminal and all that. I’m just curious if there is something out there already that I haven’t found yet.

  • Moderator

    Not to my knowledge. Where would you run that web interface from though? The rPi itself? On a different machine (that remotely talks to the rPi?)

  • To make it simple I would think it would run some lightweight web server (i.e. bottle/flask) on the rpi itself

  • Moderator

    For that matter, you can use node the same way MM uses it. It is running MM as a web page. From a different computer on your network, try visiting 'http://your-rpi-ip-address:' (where is what you have configured in your config.js, or the default 8080.)

  • Admin

    I still have a module on my to do list that allows you to hide/show modules using a (web)app. This would be a simple in between solution. Keep in mind that for real config changes, the app needs to be restarted.

  • RIght, any save on the config.js would trigger a restart. Would this be a ‘module’ in the same sense that Calendar is a ‘module’? Or is the term module not specific to things that show up on the mirror itself? Aside from hide/show I think it would be cool to be able to edit modules as well, like adding an rss feed to the news crawler

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    Maybe open another socket on port :8081 and have that be the web configuration interface? Dunno, just throwing out ideas …which can always be thrown out. 🙂

  • @KirAsh4

    Did you find an answer on how to make a new port for another webside?

  • Moderator

    That’s a question for @MichMich. As he mentioned above, he has a module on his to-do list, but it takes time to develop something like that. We all have busy schedules too. Catch-22.

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