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need help with config file

  • Hi, i am a complete newbie to raspberry pi. I installed MagicMirror² and now i need to create a config file and i have no idea what to do.
    Thanks for helping me out!

  • open file manager, open magicmirror folder, open config folder, rename the file to config.js, save and reboot

  • Thanks a lot man! Could you also tell me how to set weather? it says i “Please set the correct openweather appid in the config for module:current weather”

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    You might want to read the README on the module:

    Basically, you need to go get your own API key for that to work.

  • Thanks! could you tell me how to fix the time? for some odd reason the time is different.

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    Which time? What’s displayed above the weather portion isn’t the current time, it’s showing you when the sun sets or rises.

  • @Mate3 How about to edit the config.js file. I’ve tried to acess but i cant.

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    I was just like you a few weeks ago. I didn’t know a thing about this, or coding. A complete noob, as they say. My suggestion, because it helped me, is, don’t do your editing in the terminal. Do it in the graphical user interface (GUI). Navigate your desktop as you would on a PC with Windows or a Mac’s Finder.

    Click on File Manager (the folder at the top left of your desktop, usually)
    Double click the MagicMirror folder
    Double click the config folder
    Right click the config.js.sample file - select Copy
    Right click again somewhere else in that same window - select Paste
    Rename the file to config.js and click the Rename button
    The new config.js file that you just pasted is now your working config file for MagicMirror
    Double click it and it should open in a text editor.

    This is one of the places where you will customize your MM. It’s actually good enough to run your MM, although it will only show some of the modules but you’ll be encouraged by the fact that it is at least working. Every module folder has a ReadMe file that instructs you on what to add to your config.js file to get that module up and running.

    I think that’s good for now. If you want to run MM right now to see how your new config.js is working you will have to go back to the terminal. Do this:

    Open a new terminal
    type cd MagicMirror
    then type npm start

    Sit back and watch the magic happen. When you calm down after a minute or two of watching your MM actually working and you want to quit MM, press the Option key on your keyboard. Select QUIT from File menu that appears, top left of your screen

  • @Mykle1 I there

    From 2 days of exploring i’m feeling more confortable playing with config.js via SSH. Yesterday i feel very lost because my inexperience with comand line in linux, but reading some forums here and there and with some help from varius users.

    Right now i have the Magic Mirror Running with any major problems. My concern is, i’ve doing something wrong, because PM2 doesn’t autorun at boot of raspberry, and i i have to have the graphical Debian running to MagicMirror showing of, but far from there it’s just acess SSH and pm2 start and it runs without problem.

    Right now i’m looking the best way to:

    • Know all possible locations of content in screen (Top_left, top, right, bottom… etc);
    • The best way to transfer files (jpg, txt, etc), usb flash drive is not a option, because in the future the display and raspberry will be placed in a wall without direct easy acess;
    • Find more modules to: slide show images or videos.

    thanks again for the help 🙂
    best regards carlos

  • @Mykle1 I’m trying to make a MM for my wife, I’ve got everything ok, except the weather module, it just doesn’t show up on the screen, I’ve input my aapid and location id, and still won’t show. I’m in the middle of wiping and reflashing it now, was wondering if I could contact you with any questions of it still doesn’t work after this reflash, or with you had any advice?

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