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Why the edit timeout?

  • Module Developer

    It’s unfortunate that we can’t edit our own posts after the 600 seconds delay. I’ve been wanting to update my MMM-WunderGround module post as the information/pictures currently in there are no longer up-to-date. Any way around this?

  • Moderator

    Yep, it’s called starting a new post. Let the old one fade away into posterity.

  • Admin

    Or message one of us and we will decide wheather is makes sense to edit. I lock posts since I do not want stuff to be change after others replied to it since this could lead to confusion, does that make sense? 🙂

  • I have to say I really do not like this policy.

    It creates confusion for the end user – is my bookmark no longer pointing to the most up to date thread? Did google put me in the most current thread or do I have to search the forums again?
    In other gaming mod communities (civilization, kerbal space program, minecraft) I can read the OP for the up to date current status of the mod. What you are asking me to do here is not only hunt for the most recent post by the author, but potentially hunt through multiple threads?

    As a module developer the rule is driving me nuts. I just changed my repository url. My current post has an ongoing discussion. Anywhere else I could just update my OP with the new url and make a quick post in the existing topic. The topic is live with ongoing conversations. So do I kill the current topic, with active conversation, just to make a totally brand new topic?

    These are forums, not a mail listserv.

  • Module Developer

    I totally agree with the OP!

    I’ve posted about this previously and don’t agree with the “confusion” argument. What is most confusing? Searching for a module and find many versions or the discussion below OP maybe will be confusing?

    Another thing; if you google a module I guess the old version will be shown higher in the list because of multiple clicks.

    Anyway, this problem will probably go away when (if?) the new module repository is ready. Any updates @MichMich ? ☺

  • Module Developer

    And another thing is that potentially interesting discussions about a module is spread across multiple posts.

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