MMM-Memo - Add some memos on your page and manage them through HTTP request

  • Description:

    Hi all,
    I just uploaded a module I created for my MagicMirror implementation.
    The aim of the module is to add one or many notes on the screen and to manage them using HTTP requests.
    I created with module because I use a voice control solution (Jarvis) and I wanted to automatically add a note on the screen by saying to Jarvis “Add the memo ‘Don’t forget to buy eggs’ on Peter’s profile”.
    The README description includes details… Let’s play…


    alt text


  • Module Developer

    Wow, really nice and usefull! Will try it out tonight!

  • Module Developer

    For someone who needs lists… this is awesome!

  • @schnibel Awesome module!

  • Hi guys,
    Thank you for your messages.
    I also wanted to tell you that I added the “Display” functionalities using the default alert module. So you just have to ‘git pull’ 🙂

    Don’t hesitate to propose any suggestions.

  • @MichMich and @paviro, did you have the opportunity to play with this module “post-it / memo” module ?
    Any suggestions ?
    Bye for now

  • Module Developer

    @schnibel Hi! Thank you for this module! I’m currently using it in a quiet different way. 🙂 I’m a frequent flyer (fly 4 times a week) so, from time to time I have to message my wife to tell that a flight is late (or canceled). So, to get around this problem I set up a new gmail-account for my Mirror, then I joined “Flight Aware” with that account. On the site, you can set to be sent information mails for specific flight-numbers. I set up to get mails on start, land and changes for my “flights”. These mails then are picked up with a python-script that parse them and send a “refined” version of the information to a “memo” on the mirror, that then “popup” automatically. So, now my wife only have to glance at the mirror to know when I will land and if there are any changes in the schedule. All automatically. 🙂

    Thank you for making it possible. 🙂

  • Moderator

    This is so 100% nerdy 😃
    But I like the idea!

  • @Snille Awesome ! I love the idea !

  • I love this module, but have a few requests:

    1. I’d like to get rid of the pin. I want to make it more professional looking.

    2. What css should I use in custom.css to left-align the text in the memos? I can’t figure out what to use.

    3. You should add a different font option. I had to override it custom.css.