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TeamSpeak Magic Mirror Help Desk

  • Module Developer

    Hi all,

    I created this server to facilitate the communication between users on this forum. Using it:

    ~ Users can get help more quickly and more clearly, especially those that are brand new.
    ~ Regular users can exchange ideas and desires for new features
    ~ Moderators, Administrators, Developers can hold meetings in one place
    ~ Moderators, Administrators, Developers get immediate admin status
    ~ Specific rooms can be made available instantly, Private and Public
    ~ Runs in the background so you never have to leave the forums
    ~ Use it to compliment the forums
    ~ Exchange files
    ~ Ask the person helping you if you want to use this feature
    ~ Ask the person you are helping if they want to use this feature
    ~ Anything else you can think of

    You need a microphone, sound, and the free TeamSpeak client for your platform,

    Click on the Connections menu and then click on Connect
    Server Address is
    Enter your Nickname
    There is no Server Password. Leave it blank.
    Click Connect
    Find Options and set up your microphone and Push-To-Talk key. Under Tools menu for Windows

    Please have a look around and make suggestions


  • This is an awesome idea!! 🙂

  • Very nice

    IRC would also be great

  • Module Developer

    Thanks. We’ll see if this gets any use first. Feel free to join, look around, make suggestions, hang out . . .

  • Module Developer

    Had some success today but slow going for the most part. I did help someone yesterday and 2 people today. I’d like to see other helpers bring people in or other people bring helpers in. It does make a huge difference hearing the problem described to you as you read the post on the forum and vocalizing the solution combined with showing it on forums is a home run.

  • Module Developer

    Making a little progress. Added a few more rooms by the suggestion of a user named Kick. (He wouldn’t say who he was from the forum). Your secret is safe with me! 😉

    Had a user named Kris, from Dubai come in this morning. We were able to view his post (picture) on the forum at the same time as we were talking about his installation troubles. Instantaneous feedback. It didn’t take long and he was on his way. Thanks for coming in Kris. 👍

    Then I had two users come in at the same time, asking if they could have a private room to work in. No problem. There you go.

  • Module Developer


    Sorry I wasn’t there to help you. I was at work. You can always ask someone at the Forum to join you here. Feel free to come in at any time or to message me on the Forum.


  • Module Developer

    Yes, I’ll be here for a while this morning 👍🏻

  • Module Developer


    Had a few people come in yesterday. I’m glad to see that the service is getting some more use.

    The door is open. Drinks are on me. 🍺

    I’ll be here for a while

  • Moderator

    @Mykle1 said in TeamSpeak Magic Mirror Help Desk:

    Drinks are on me.

    Is pizza served as well?