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  • Hello fellow mirrorbuilders.
    This is my mirror based on a 32" lcd screen.
    I have build everything from scratch.

    I’m not the handiest man on earth when it comes to carpenting but after some iterations and i had a frame that the screen fits nicely in. I bought the front frame in pieces and cut them in a 45deg angle and glued it on the back frame and let it dry overnight.

    For the mirror i went to a local glasstore and they cut out a piece of glass for me after my measures. I bought the mirrorfilm online and had some trouble with bubbles when i tried to apply it. After about an hour of scraping the bubbles most of them disappeared and after about 1 week all bubbles was gone.


    I have a calendermodule that syncs from my phone, facebook, googlecalendar and even some RSS feed of my favorite icehockeyteam :)


    I will implement a webcamera in the future with facerecognition so me and my girlfriend can have seperate profiles.

    Here is the result :)

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Moderator

    Nice build. Could you add some more information like

    • why did you build it
    • what are things you might change in the future
    • things you might have “learned the hard way”

    People like to see pictures, but they also like to read a story behind it :)

  • Module Developer

    What’s brand/model of the monitor you used? Also, where did you get the mirror itself from?

    Very well done, I may try to build one that size myself.

  • @AdamMoses-GitHub
    I used a 32tums lcd screen. But lcd makes the screen sometimes visible through the mirror so next time there will be a led screen.

    Everything is built by hand even the mirror. Went to a glass shop that cut out the glass for me. Then I applied a mirror film that I bought online. Also the frame is built from scratch.

    I’am writing down the whole process and will update the post shortly for more information :)

  • @lofgren said in My Mirror:

    I’am writing down the whole process and will update the post shortly for more information

    Yes, like @yawns, I like the story as much as the pictures. I am particularly impressed that you dealt with all that film. Job well done! :thumbsup:

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