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Another mirror spec post I am sure

  • Hey can someone confirm the specs on this mirror are within what people are using that works?

    Thickness 6mm
    Transmittance Visible 11%
    Exterior Visible Reflectance 38%
    Interior Visible Reflectance 16%
    U-Value (WinterNighttime) 1.02
    Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.39
    Light To Solar Gain 0.28

    I have MM working and configured now its just down to getting the actual mirror and mounting. Thank you everyone for all of your help.

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    @RE_Magic_Mirror That’s a bit more specific than we usually consider around here.

    That 2nd variable, the transmittance visible, is usually about all we consider. I just bought a mirror that was also 11% transparent and it works great. It is maybe a little dim in a brightly lit reception area, but I’m certainly not going to send it back.

    At most, you might want to go up to 20% transmittance, but I would use that only in areas that are in bright sunlight. For your typical household / interior mirror, I think you’re good to go with that mirror.

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    @bhepler I’ll second that!

  • Awesome thanks to both of you I am researching other options to see if i can increase the %.

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