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[MMM-RTSPStream] - Video Streaming from Live Feeds & Security Cameras

  • @bill22


    I used this Sunday to setup a second Pi, whilst watching F1.
    Used a new SD, installed Debian Buster and Magic Mirror v2.8.0.

    After I made sure I did not have any errors after rebooting, restarting MM, etc, I setup MMM-RTSPStream.
    It now works for Bucks Bunny, my IP cam and my SAT receiver.
    I can even rotate 2 SAT channels.

    I also tested the little fix with --audio_queue 4and that works to (although I cannot check audio, as I have no speaker).

    It does not say that this method will work for you (my RTSP was dead as a dodo), but it could be something to consider.
    I will play a bit with single quotes, double quotes, etc, as that is a potential problem in your URL.

    And it still leaves the issue with selecting a channel at will, through a trigger.

  • @evroom

    Hi and sorry for the late response.

    Sounds pretty good and promising!

    How do you “rotate” your SAT channels? Does it change based on time (after x seconds)?
    For me it could be good enough to have a few channels to change, of course better to select from a small list.

  • @bill22
    In the config part add

    rotateStreams: true,
    rotateStreamTimeout: 60,

    and add 2 or more streams (stream1 and stream2).

  • Silly question - is there a way within the RTSP protocal to detect when the camera detects motion, so you can trigger something? What I was thinking is to flash the screen background if the camera sees motion…