Default Modules

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    The following modules come with a default installation of MagicMirror²:

    Alert            - Displays alerts on the mirror when configured in another module.
    Clock            - Display either a digital, analog, or both types of clocks
    Calendar         - Displays a calendar of upcoming events, able to use Google and Facebook calendars.
    Current Weather  - Displays the current weather for the configured location
    Weather Forecast - Displays the weather forecast for the configured location
    News Feed        - Displays a running ticker of a news feed, able to use a variety of different feeds
    Compliments      - "Hi Sexy!"
    Hello World      - Sample module, not enabled by default

    Third party modules change almost daily. It’s the author’s own responsibility to post their module in the Showcase category.

  • Just a quick question to the Weather Forecast default module. It is working fine, thanks for that, but:

    Today, we have Monday and the weather for today is shown by using the module current weather. Why is the monday (today) also included in the weather forecast?

    Thank you!

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