MagicMirror² v2.8.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.

Default Modules

  • Moderator

    The following modules come with a default installation of MagicMirror²:

    Alert            - Displays alerts on the mirror when configured in another module.
    Clock            - Display either a digital, analog, or both types of clocks
    Calendar         - Displays a calendar of upcoming events, able to use Google and Facebook calendars.
    Current Weather  - Displays the current weather for the configured location
    Weather Forecast - Displays the weather forecast for the configured location
    News Feed        - Displays a running ticker of a news feed, able to use a variety of different feeds
    Compliments      - "Hi Sexy!"
    Hello World      - Sample module, not enabled by default

    Third party modules change almost daily. It’s the author’s own responsibility to post their module in the Showcase category.

  • Just a quick question to the Weather Forecast default module. It is working fine, thanks for that, but:

    Today, we have Monday and the weather for today is shown by using the module current weather. Why is the monday (today) also included in the weather forecast?

    Thank you!

  • Module Developer

    For the sake of completeness I’d say that even on the current day it’s still helpfull to see the forecast with the lowest and highest temp throughout the day.

    The reason I revided this thread, though, is: DECIMAL MARKS IN WEATHER MODULES

    I saw a lot of Mirrors from German users with typographically wrong decimal marks in the defeault modules Current Weather and Weather Forecast (9.5°C vs 9,5°C).

    With the latest update, there’s the possibility to change the decimal mark from the English decimal dot to the German (and other language’s) decimal comma. If you’re not sure what decimal mark your language is using, check this list on Wikipedia.

    In the config of currentweather and weatherforecast, just add the line

    decimalSymbol: ","

    only with MagicMirror² v2.2.0 and up

  • @KirAsh4 just adding a link to github for the default modules as was difficult to find the second time I was looking for it.