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Getting MM2 running on a Mac Mini?

  • Has anyone gotten MM2 (server mode) running on a Mac Mini? I was thinking of running the software on a MacMini and then having the actual mirror just be an old iPad.

    If it doesn’t work out of the box what are the pieces that are raspberry pi specific?

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    Assuming the Mini is running the underlying BSD Unix OS, technically it should be possible, however you are pretty much on your own there. You need to find out if there is a recent node version that will run on it, and install that. Then do a manual clone of the repository and run 'npm install' in the cloned folder and see if it runs without errors (warnings are OK).

  • I am debugging the MM2 on my Macbook Pro, so it should run on the Mac Mini. Just follow what @KirAsh4 has outlined in his reply.

    Just wondering how are you going to use an old iPad as the monitor for the MacMini? Using Duet or something?

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    MagicMirror² runs fine on a Mac Mini. As a matter of fact, MagicMirror² is developed with with a focus on the Mac Mini … Want to know why? Sorry, that’s a little secret … 😉

  • @alexyak I was just planning on running Safari on the iPad, and point it at the macmini running mm2 in server mode. Now I realize I’d probably need to jailbreak the iPad so that doesn’t go to sleep. Thoughts?

  • Ran on my mac with no issues! Both ‘npm start’ and ‘npm serveronly’ worked without issues.
    I am using:
    $ node -v
    $ npm -v

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    @maju6406 How about making a simple WebView app using Xcode that doesn’t go standby.

    In Swift:

    UIApplication.sharedApplication().idleTimerDisabled = true

  • @MichMich Perfect! I also didn’t realize you can turn off Auto-lock via Settings these days. Thanks so much for creating this project. I get my mirror tomorrow so that’s when the real fun begins :).

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