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MMM-Globe unable to view a custom image

  • Good morning all! As in the title i’m Unable to see a custom picture.
    I try this

    config: {
    imageSize: 500,
    updateInterval: 10601000

    But it isn’t show anything…i also try without the .jpg extension…but nothing.
    Thanks a lot for your help.


  • I also try MMM-simplelogo and MMM-eyecandy, using the ownimagefile all he modules doesn’t show images!

  • Module Developer

    @giulianomondin said in MMM-Globe unable to view a custom image:



    In MMM-EyeCandy, the config entry and path would be

    ownImagePath: 'modules/MMM-EyeCandy/pix/YOUR_PICTURE_NAME.jpg',

    The picture file goes in the pix folder of the module

        module: "MMM-EyeCandy",
    	position: "top_center",
    	config: {
    		style: '1',            // 1 - 52 or use ownImagePath to override style
    		ownImagePath: '',      // ex: 'modules/MMM-EyeCandy/pix/YOUR_PICTURE_NAME.jpg', or internet url to image