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    Hello guys,

    I’m new here and started playing around for 2 months now with MagicMirror, great product by the way, and i was searching for a nice solution for voice control that could work ok for me.

    I tried multiple modules but some of them were really hard to implement and some of them did not work as expected (mostly could not understand my poor language).

    A few days ago i have seen a post on this forum with an issue on some module and the guy said that he used OpenJarvis to control that module. Then i searched this forum regarding Jarvis but i could not find anything regarding this solution for Voice Control.

    So i started to look into it and i finally made a module for MagicMirror and a plugin for OpenJarvis which are really easy to install and easy to configure or integrate with other modules.

    Displays what Jarvis is saying inside MagicMirror
    Shows an animated circle icon when Jarvis is listening (Similar to Siri, Cortana etc)
    Change circle color to orange when listening period expired
    Hides circle when Jarvis stops listening
    Offers the posibility to define custom voice commands which can be executed by saying: “PLEASE [YOUR COMMAND]”
    Thanks to OpenJarvis you can have really nice Voice AI features like asking what time is it, what is his name etc. etc.

    Please bare in mind that this is a project built in 5-6 days in my spare time. On my sistem it works now for 12 hours now and still ok.

    I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions for this module. Thanks


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    I’ll give it a whirl when I have a chance.

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    Looks good.

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    @merceaemil I looked into openjarvis, it’s basically an offline hotword detection with snowboy or pocketsphinx and then it uses online detection for commands with bing or google

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    Sounds interesting. Would you mind adding some screenshots or even a video showing your module in action?

  • @strawberry-3.141

    Yes you’re right. Default configuration for openjarvis is snowboy for hotword and bing for online detection. Bing offers 5,000 transactions free per month which seems enough for daily usage.
    Also OpenJarvis supports multi language and has a nice setup screen which i think it’s a plus.
    The down side is that their online documentation and tutorials are in french but with google translate works great 🙂

  • @yawns
    I will try to make a video right now.

  • Here is the video.

    I integrated Jarvis with 3 of my installed modules: Camera, mm-music-player & one custom radio player.
    There is no sound in this video because my voice is captured on the mirror and on my pc i have no microphone (because i used it when I built my mirror 🙂 ).

    BUT there will be two moments when you will here sound and that is when the music starts playing and when the radio starts playing 🙂 because the video recorder also records sound played by my browser.

    Also you can not here Jarvis in the video because his sound is not played via browser instead it is played directly from OpenJarvis.

    OpenJarvis plugins I installed and are quite usefull:

    • jarvis-magicmirror - This will send events to MMM-Jarvis-Voice-Control
    • jarvis-riverscript - Gives jarvis the posibility for small talk
    • jarvis-youtube-player - You can use commands like: play music from youtube or play video from youtube
    • jarvis-wikipedia - You can get some answers with this one. Command: Give me the definition “of something”
    • jarvis-ui - This gives you a nice interface where you can start chatting with Jarvis via writing.
    • jarvis-system-startup - This will give you the posibility to setup Jarvis to start at boot time

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    Well I reinstalled it following all the recommended settings. The instructions are lacking a lot. I understand this all and I can’t get it working at all. So the average user is going to be totally lost. The instructions here do not tell the user where to install them… in the MagicMirror directory… outside the directory…unclear. Same with the jarvis plugin… where is the user supposed to install it? It all loads without error but fails to work… I have installed a couple different ways and it fails to work without any errors.

  • @cowboysdude Does it give you any error in console log ? What exactly is not working, JARVIS or the MagicMirror plugin? Is jarvis responding to the wake word?

    Can you start Jarvis is Troubleshooting mode and Magic mirror in dev mode and share screenshots of logs when you are trying to use it?

    How to start Jarvis:

    If you can respond to this questions i can try to figure out what it’s missing on your enviroment and i can fix the code and documentation

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