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Snilles Magic Mirror Project

  • Hi Snille,

    i am currently trying to copy you setup but at the moment i am stuck.

    somehow i cant get the .png’s to show up.


    i have created a folder within the file structure of magicmirror called backgrounds . Here i save all images needed , placed my own icons and adressed correctly, i think.

    are your png’s stored localy on the pi or remotly on a server?

    is my way of adressing correct?

    kind regards,


  • Module Developer

    Hi @korevaartje, If I remember correctly you need to use a URL to the picture. You cant use a “local” path. I’m currently loading all the pictures from an “internal” web server (that I use for lot’s of other stuff as well). And that made it easy to switch the pictures without having to change anything on the actual MM.

    I hope that clarify’s it. 🙂

  • @korevaartje ,
    Personally I put my pictures on the css directory, and here is how I load them:

    				"Cedric": {
    					img: "/css/cedric.jpg",
    					width: 60,
    					height: 60

    And every day I do a rsync save of the css directory, and the conf directory as well to my NAS server.