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MMM-NOAA - Another Weather Module

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    You can help by doing the translation. Edit the right side of this file with the Russian translation.

    Have you entered your latitude and longitude into the config.js entry?

    "4 Day Forecast":"4 Day Forecast",
    "Monday": "Monday",
    "Tuesday": "Tuesday",
    "Wednesday": "Wednesday",
    "Thursday": "Thursday",
    "Friday": "Friday",
    "Saturday": "Saturday",
    "Sunday": "Sunday",
    "Hours of Light":"Daylight",
    "Last Updated": "Last Updated",
    "No Wind": "No Wind",
    "Humidity": "Humidity",
    "Lightly Polluted":"Lightly Polluted",
    "Moderately Polluted":"Moderately Polluted",
    "Heavily Polluted":"Heavily Polluted",

  • Hey Guys
    Having some Trouble Updateing the Weather Data. Don’t know the timeframe, but every morning the Module stuck with data from the last day.
    But not all Data is stuck. At the forecast you can see that the Days are changing. Moves the last day bevor the actual day. (Fr = yesterday , heute = today)
    “Heiter” and the sunny Icon was also yesterday. Today it is raining. After a pm2 restart the values are Ok for a wile, but in a few hours the module is stuck again.

    That is my code :

    			module: "MMM-NOAA3",
    			position: "top_left",
       				config: {
           					provider: "darksky",
    						apiKey: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    						//useAir: "False",
    						airKey: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
           					css: "NOAA3",
           					updateInterval: 30 * 60 * 1000,
    						userlat: "50.xxxxx",
           					userlon: "7.xxxx"

    Any ideas ?

  • @mykle1
    I apologize for the late reply. New Year’s holiday and so on. .

    “4 Day Forecast”:“Прогноз на 4 дня”,
    “Monday”: “Понедельник”,
    “Tuesday”: “Вторник”,
    “Wednesday”: “Среда”,
    “Thursday”: “Четверг”,
    “Friday”: “Пятница”,
    “Saturday”: “Суббота”,
    “Sunday”: “Воскресенье”,
    “Hours of Light”:“Длительность дня”,
    “Last Updated”: “Последнее обновление”,
    “No Wind”: “Штиль”,
    “Humidity”: “Влажность”,
    “Lightly Polluted”:“Легкие загрязнения”,
    “Moderately Polluted”:“Умеренные загрязнения”,
    “Heavily Polluted”:“Сильные загрязнения”,

  • hello,trying to make MMM-NOAA3 work but no luck.I use openweathermap provider ,my api is ok,but module dont show weather icons,night/day icons and no 4 day forecast at all.

    edit: managed to make it work by using another provider,darksky.All are ok except the night icon…

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    @costascontis Well that just won’t do 🙂 I haven’t checked the providers in a while possible openweathermap may have changed some things I will check it out 🙂

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    @costascontis You are right…I had the image for the correct moon just didn’t put in the array to display 🙂 Thank you for catching that!! As for using open weather I just ran it and it seems to be working for me… here’s a picture. BUT I do use darksky as my provider also 🙂


    Yes that F weather and YES it’s cold here LOL

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    10°F ? Oh hell no!

  • thnx just updated and seems ok.AQI is not working for me or my location i guess?I can find my location at AQI site and added my api at config.js but module always shows “severe poluted” .
    @cowboysdude oh man ,we have nearly the same temp at celsius in Greece and we thing that is a very cold weather 🙂

  • 0_1547280437212_magicmirror.png

    my api seems to have some calls but maybe Aqi not sending the right data?
    0_1547280907136_Screenshot (8).png

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    @costascontis Hello. I saw that you live in
    greece like me. Can you help me out with this module because I have a couple of problems. First the icons are not always visible. second the day forecast never show up. And third it always shows wrong temperature. I have correctly put my api key from open weather. Any ideas?