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PIR Motion sensor

  • I have spent a considerable amount of time on the MM forum and also searching Raspberry Pi forum for a simple Python script which I can use My Magic mirror together with my PIR motion sensor. There is a lot of great stuff out there which I have tried but as a complete novice I’m struggling. I have a Pi3 and believe I can run a Python script in the background and don’t necessarily have to incorporate into the MM modules. Is that correct? I have tested my PIR sensor and can get it to detect movement but now I simply want to enable this with my monitor and switch on after movement detection and then off after a set time period. I can imagine to all of you this is so easy but after three days of trying I’m losing hope. Your support is appreciated which will remotivate me again. Thanks again

  • Module Developer

    @richardh151 You have a couple of options. You can, as you suggest, run a script in the background independent of MM to manage turning the screen on and off based on input from the PIR sensor. Take a look at this:

    You may or may not also want to look at modifying this to use HDMI-CEC commands depending on how you TV/monitor reacts to the way that script controls the HDMI output. See here:

    You can also have it incorporated with MM if you like, which is useful if you want to have any custom modules react to events (i.e.: motion detected). In this case, take a look at this:

    I hope this helps!

  • Jeff thank you very much, I tried to first suggestion and it worked perfectly. As I said I’m somewhat of a novice and on a steep and again enjoyable learning curve. 😊

  • Im trying to add a LED strip WS2812B to my python script which switches on and off at the same time as my motion sensor is activated. Whilst there are many scripts out there I struggle to incorporate one into what i have that currently works, can anyone help. My LED GPIO Pin is 17. Any help is appreciated

    This is my current script,

    from gpiozero import MotionSensor
    from subprocess import call
    from time import sleep

    Time to wait until display should turn off after last motion detected

    timeUntilDisplayOff = 600

    The GPIO data pin to which the PIR sensor is connected

    pin = 4

    pir = MotionSensor(pin)
    timer = timeUntilDisplayOff

    while True:

    if pir.motion_detected:
    	timer = timeUntilDisplayOff
    	print ("Motion detected! Setting timer to " + str(timer) + " seconds.")
    if timer > 0:
    	if timer % 10 == 0:
    		print ("Timer: " + str(timer) + " seconds")
    	timer -= 1
    elif timer == 0:
    	call(['vcgencmd', 'display_power', '0'])
    	print ("Timer is 0. Display turned off. Waiting for motion...")
    	# display is now off. we wait for motion and turn it on
    	call(['vcgencmd', 'display_power', '1'])
    	timer = timeUntilDisplayOff

  • Interested in the very same thing! But i am trying to make my HUE light strip turn/on off as the screen already does.

    I found this Hue motion

  • @Kimzer thanks but as a novice the suggested scripts blew my mind and seems much more complicated to what I’m currently using. I’m sure there is a way to modify it to switch on the led strip at the same time as the monitor jumps to life from the PIR motion sensor. I have a RPi3 and have it connected but struggle with the script which I’m sure is easy for someone else.

  • @Kimzer said in LED Backlight for mirror - PIR to control them:

    Found this hue motion but i couldnt get it to run.
    Anyone that has some input?

    So i managed to do this. Its probably quite a dirty fix. And only setup to work with phillips hue bulbs/strips. But if u want to know shoot me a pm and ill show it. (Y)

  • @orayoflighto what you show is exactly what I need, however struggling with MMM pir Sensor module as my MM shows a conf.js error. So can’t get beyond that. I also have the RGB WS2812B led strips which I discovered r more problematic to control. I feel as though I tried many things but still frustrated with non functioning lights.