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Different layout...

  • Hey guys…

    Maybe you can help me and @strawberry-3-141 found a solution…

    I have a main MM2 running in the house using a 42 inch in portrait mode with a bunch of modules. BUT I have 2 other RPI3 with a 7inch LCD and I need to display the SAME data of the main RPI3 but with a new layout.

    @strawberry-3-141 built for me a kind of syslog module for MM2. Of course all my data is sent to the main MM2, but I would like to display it also on the 2 others RPI3, that’s why I would like to display a different layout on the 2 others RPI3 without running the MM2 “server”!

    Any idea… suggestions…

  • because there is only on instance running, we can’t make a configurable option, but I thought about creating media querys in custom.css to hide all other modules on the small screens

  • @strawberry-3.141 do you think it be possible to use something like node-ipware to detect the IP address of the device requesting the magicmirror pages within a modified version of MMM-Facial-Recognition so the module config can be varied?

  • do you mean something like that?

    config: {
        layouts: {
            '': 'big',
            '': 'small'

  • @strawberry-3.141 yes,

    Though I was thinking aliasing the IP addresses with distinct device config labels such as rpi2 and rpi3 and even my_ipad and lounge_tv

    However, there’s is a use case to allow one device configuration to be applied to multiple devices so the tv’s IP address would be assigned large, iPad would be medium and rpi’s could be small

  • Just use the css/custom.css to change any font sizes an layout options. And Use media Queries to change it according to the resolution of your screen. This does not require any modification to the core of MagicMirror² and allows you to update in the future.