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Today's Total Solar Eclipse!

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    Check your locations and local times, but here is the information about today’s total solar eclipse. Here in New York, we’ll only experience a 75% eclipse, but what a magnificent event! Lucky are you if you live within the 100% viewing areas.

    I love this stuff!


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    MMM-EARTH captured a unique perspective of the recent Total Solar Eclipse and I could not be more pleased. We’ve all seen the pictures of the sun eclipsed by the moon’s transit. A truly awe inspiring event. But who has seen the shadow that passed over the earth? MMM-EARTH, that’s who.

    Ok, so I’m bragging a little, but come on! It’s friggin cool!

    0_1503534025648_a.JPG 0_1503534031029_bb.JPG 0_1503534035810_cc.JPG 0_1503534040942_dd.JPG 0_1503534045619_ee.JPG 0_1503534051453_ff.JPG 0_1503534055935_gg.JPG 0_1503534060796_hh.JPG

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