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How to ask for help. For absolute beginners!

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    How to ask for help. For absolute beginners!

    • You want help as quickly as possible, right?

    • These suggestions will save you time and frustration.

    If you have time to kill.

    "I installed a module and it doesn’t work" certainly won’t get you answers very quickly.
    Anyone that wants to help you will now have to ask you questions for information before they can.
    That’s not what you want. You want answers and you want them now!

    What are you using?

    • What Pi are you using? (There are many versions)
    • Are you running MM on something else? Windows? Mac? Linux?
    • What OS are you using? (Jessie, JessieLite, Windows, uBuntu etc…)
    • What version of MM are you using?
    • Did you do a manual installation or an automatic installation?

    Are you getting any errors?

    • Post any error messages that appeared in your terminal or console.

    • If it’s a config error, post your config.

    • Don’t wait to be asked for them. That will delay the answers you are seeking.

    Give exact details.

    • Basically, you want to give as much specific information as you can.

    • The more you give, the easier it is for someone to help you.

    Post code, not pictures of code.

    • It is extremely difficult to see code in a picture.

    • Properly formatted code is easiest to read and diagnose.

    • Use the </> selection when posting code.


    • Describe what you were attempting to do and what the result was.

    People want to help you

    • So make it easier for them to help you as quickly as possible.

    • Or, you can just go on killing time! :^)

    • Peace!

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