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Installing on Android (tablet) possible?

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    @lavolp3 said in Installing on Android (tablet) possible?:

    @Mykle1 I still don’t understand. How do you install the mirror on an Android tablet? Using a Linux VM? Or using Android directly?

    I don’t have the slightest idea. @barnosch asked if it was possible on an Android device. All I did was point out that someone had done that and provided the link. I’ve never owned an Android device.

    Go to that link and ask the author of the post how he did it. :^)

  • Alright, gave it a little try last evening.
    Termux runs great, pulling of the repository is no problem, but when it comes to install the dependencied with
    npm install, it throws some errors.
    electron-chromedriver is not found and i guess thats a showstopper.

    I can launch the server with “node serveronly” but all i get is a blank page.
    Tried with FF and Chrome.
    I stripped the config.js to only show the clock, but no chance.

    Have to investigate deeper.

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    Want to share what I know until now, since the topic didn’t let me loose:

    What @tshort did with his fridge mounted display
    is just using a headless system and calling it with the web browser on the tablet. Of course that’s an easy way to get the Magic MIrror on the tablet, but you’ll need some server running headless. I’m thinking about trying that with my OSMC RasPi at the TV, which is not used very often, but always on. Maybe it can additionally run a headless MagicMirror Server.

    Then there are the “real” android versions. Well there are some apps in the store of course, but apparently they are not very good and don’t have much information.
    Another possibility is to build your own customized app, and that’s what I’ll try to do in the next weeks.
    Here’s an interesting version by Max Braun, Google developer

    However, getting THIS MagicMirror which has the most modules, to work on Android other thatn mentioned above, I haven’t seen a way, but would be highly interested.

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    @barnosch Got exactly the same results.
    Haven’t found any solution to that.

    I guess the installation is stopped in the middle trying to install electron-chromedriver, so not finished.

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