Proximity sensor "switch" behind mirror?

  • Hello Team!

    i search for a sensor who is working through my mirror glas! I dont have any solution for that!

    I want to push a button (like proximity sensor behind the glas) who is detecting a finger or whatever a few mm or cm in front of the glas on a position. It dont have to be very acurate… its also enough when the sensor is working in a bigger area of a screen, but not like the mircorwave sensor who is working from 2-20m.

    Has anyone an idea?

  • Module Developer

    @StefanMe Is there a particular reason why you want it to work through the glass? If you buy a regular PIR sensor, you can just remove the dome, drill a small hole through your frame – 2 or 3mm is all you need – and mount the sensor behind the hole. It has the added benefit of ONLY being triggered when someone stands right in front of the mirror.

    If your mirror is touch sensitive, then I believe there is a module which allows you to put touch regions on your mirror that do stuff, say like wake up the screen. the name of the module escapes me, but I’m sure a search will bring it up.

    Short of either of these, you can install an actual button, then use the MMM-Buttons module to have it react whatever way you want when it is pressed.

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