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Which Pi version is best?

  • I’ve been searching the forum and I’m curious, what pi version do people have the most luck with? I see some incompatibility issues with Stretch? So is Jessie the best route to take?

    I was going to use the auto installer command line and am trying to avoid some heartache out of the box (like when I had to kill my Stretch pi after trying to install RetroPie manually and the last line of code came back with Retro & I hate each other).

  • Any pi except Raspberry Pi Zero.
    Jessie is the way to go for autoinstaller.

    Raspberry pi 3 is the fastest atm (and i would by that decider the best).

    However, you will have a rough time in front of you if you see installing Magic Mirror by the manual process is a heartache.

  • I agree with the PI 3. I’ve built a mirror using the PI 3 and the new(er) Pi 0 and it was night and day easier with the PI 3. It’ll of course cost you more up front and its a little bigger but its more powerful and easier to use ‘out of the box’

  • Thank you! I have a Pi2 and Pi3 but was trying to decide Stretch vs Jessie. I could have installed manually but am pretty new to Pi so didn’t want to muck it. Like I said, started manually installing RetroPie manually only to get near the end and find Stretch was not compatible. Three days of research and troubleshooting (as am noob) to get me all sorted.

    Am booting Jessie on Pi3 now, thanks again!

  • @austenzombie7 I’ve set up a RetroPi but only using Jessie so I couldn’t help with Stretch. Maybe give RecalBox a look too as it is very very similar to RetroPi

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    If your heart is set on the Pi then the Pi3 is your best option, with Jessie. More importantly, IMHO, if you MUST use Stretch, DO NOT run rpi-update. You’ve been warned.

  • Hi guys, I’m trying to test with MagicMirror and I bought Raspberry pi 3, but I have question 😎
    What is the best version of linux is better for install the MagicMirror ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • @juvesito Go with Jessie.

  • @Nystro0m I undertand that for to install the MagicMirror is better the desktop version no? Thanks for your fast answer 😎

  • @juvesito If you are comfortable to go without destkop i would go that way.
    Otherwise, both works.

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