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  • Just curious as to which way people are leaning towards a Thermostat that has it’s own api.

    I’ve looked at several … I like the Honeywell thermostats but I know there are others…

    What are you using or thinking of using and does it have an api?

  • Except Honeywell - Nest Learning, Hive, Netatmo. They have several models with possibility of controlling from phone, tablet or PC.
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  • Using Tado thermostat. I’ve been very happy with it, also MMM-Tado just works!

  • Guys Thanks these look all good. I’ll have a look at them…

    I am looking for an api that allows the changing of the temp too 🙂

  • I have two nests, and tbh I can’t fully recommend them. My friend LOVES her Ecobee— take a look at those.

  • @pyrosmiley Thank you! I’ll take a look!

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    @cowboysdude I second what @pyrosmiley says… I have the Nest, and it’s expensive, and not as smart as it claims to be. For example, when you first set up the Nest, it’s supposed to automatically create a schedule for you based on what you set the temperature to be over the first week. What I ended up with was a verbatim record of me adjusting the thermostat up and down as I tried to figure out that “just right” temperature – a daily schedule of me making about a hundred half-degree temperature changes. (granted, it was a new house, new furnace and new thermostat all in one shot… so your results might be better than mine, as you probably already know what a good temperature for your house is). As far as connectivity with other devices, I haven’t really found a useful feature other than the presence detection that is able to recognize when no one is home. I use that to automatically lock the doors if they are not locked already, and to turn off the lights. Otherwise, it’s just a really nice-looking pricey thermostat.

    Definitely check out the Ecobee. You get all of the features of the Nest in the Ecobee for about $100 less. I’d say the only thing the nest has over the Ecobee is how it looks, but of course that is subjective.

  • @j.e.f.f Thanks for the input. I have been reading a lot and talked to a few people who also aren’t totally impressed by NEST either. Yes they look fantastic but I’m more into function then looks 🙂 Ecobee is the place I keep coming back to over and over again… I’m also doing a lot of reading about home bridge… I like how yours all works together and that’s the direction I’m heading in. I can/could use the ecobee schedule to accomplish similar things that you are doing. That’s my thought.

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    @cowboysdude I haven’t used the Ecobee myself, but I tie everything together with a Wink hub, which by the looks of it supports all of the Ecobee models. I’m not sure what sensors the Ecobee has above and beyond temperature monitoring, but if it has things like the presence sensor, it will be available as a trigger in Wink.

    I would imagine other hubs like SmartThings and HomeBridge would behave in a similar manner.

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    @cowboysdude Found this plugin for HomeBridge that supports Ecobee 3: